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Jagiani Law Office, PLLC provides clients in New York City and the surrounding counties with effective representation in commercial litigation and personal injury matters.  Our client base comes from all walks of life and is reflective of the Greater New York City community.  Jagiani Law Office, PLLC routinely represents businesses and individuals in wide range of matters in New York State Courts. Michael Jagiani, Esq., the principle of the firm, has over 20 years of experience in litigating cases in the New York State Court system and has litigated hundreds of matters through conclusion.
In the business sphere, Jagiani Law Office, PLLC is often called upon to represent parties involved in complex construction, real estate and business disputes. Our clients frequently include property owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and other parties involved in the construction and real estate industries. While litigation is not always the best option, Jagiani Law Office, PLLC is nevertheless well-versed in litigating breach of contract claims, mechanic’s liens, commercial landlord tenant matters, license matters, boundary disputes and other types of claims that arise in the construction and real estate industries.

Michael Jagiani, Esq. also has significant experience in litigating personal injury cases. He has successfully litigated and settled cases for seriously injured plaintiffs and has recovered significant financial settlements for his clients. He leverages his years of experience defending high exposure personal injury lawsuits on behalf of corporations and insurance companies to maximize economic recoveries for his clients.

For over 20 years, Michael Jagiani, Esq. has represented individuals and businesses in complex lawsuits while obtaining outstanding results in an often challenging landscape.

Areas of Focus

Commercial Litigation

Michael Jagiani, Esq. has broad based and extensive experience in all stages of litigation and regularly represents businesses and individuals in complex business disputes emanating from the real estate and construction spheres. As litigation can be expensive and time intensive, we view it as a last, albeit necessary, resort. We continually strive to consider our client’s long term goals and business objectives and always consider all methods of resolution both before and during litigation.

Personal Injury

Michael Jagiani, Esq. also advocates for and represents the interests of parties who have sustained personal injuries as a result of someone’s else’s negligence or misconduct. We zealously advocate for injured persons and fight to recover the maximum financial recovery for them. As an attorney at some of the largest defense firms in the country, Mr. Jagiani is able to offer first hand insight into how insurance carriers and thier lawyers value these cases and leverages this information to obtain maximum value for his clients.

Real Estate

Jagiani Law Office, PLLC also has significant experience in the transactional real estate sphere. We have represented parties in transactions involving cooperative and condominium units, single family homes, multi-family properties, all cash deals, purchase money mortgages and licensor-licensee agreements. We are intimately familiar with the players and their roles in the industry and leverages this knowledge on your behalf to make maximum efforts to close on all transactions.


At Jagiani Law Office, PLLC, we have a successful track record in leveraging technology and expert analysis to obtain favorable results for our clients even against larger law firms, corporations and insurance carriers. We strive to provide legal services in a cost-effective and efficient manner while keeping our client’s financial needs in mind at all times.

Meet the Attorney


Michael Jagiani, Esq. is the principal of the firm and is a highly experienced litigation attorney. He has worked for several large law firms in New York City and has been admitted to the New York State Bar since 2001. He represents businesses and individuals in wide range of matters in New York State Courts and has litigated hundreds of cases through conclusion. His numerous victories include a precedent-setting appeal for which he was quoted on the cover of the New York Law Journal. He has also recovered millions of dollars for his clients through litigation and successful negotiation.